Regional Hourly HRRR Analyses and Forecasts

These analysis and forecast maps are updated hourly from the operational 3km High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model.
Clicking on the desired product will load the most recent analysis of that product onto the page. Only one product can be displayed at a time.
You can view the previous 11 hours up through the next 6 hours by placing your cursor over the desired hour below the map (-11h, ..., 0h, ..., +6h).

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Temp/Dewpt   |   HeatIndex/WindChill   |   Surface   |   850mb   |   500mb  ]

Radar   |   θe/SfcConv   |   CAPE/CIN   |   PrecWater/StormMot  ]

-11h -10h -9h -8h -7h -6h -5h -4h -3h -2h -1h 0h +1h +2h +3h +4h +5h +6h

The High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) hourly analyses and forecasts are courtesy of NOAA/NCEP.


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